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LED Light Giveaway
Make a donation and receive energy efficient LED holiday lights and timers!
Holiday Season Office Hours
Stoughton Utilities customer service will be unavailable during the holidays.
Ends Soon - ENERGY STAR Incentives
Receive a $25 bill credit when you upgrade to ENERGY STAR® appliances!
Ends Soon - Smart Thermostat Incentive
Receive a $25 bill credit when you upgrade your home to a "Smart" Thermostat!
Door-to-Door Solar Solicitations
We have been notified by customers that a company selling solar power equipment has been soliciting door-to-door, and these customers have questioned if the company was working for or partnered with Stoughton Utilities.

Stoughton Utilities does not endorse any company that would solicit paid services either door-to-door or by mail. No such company is partnered or affiliated with Stoughton Utilities or the City of Stoughton.

Stoughton Utilities was not provided with notice from the company that they would be soliciting new customers in Stoughton. The company did not contact us to discuss past, current, or future rates prior to developing rate forecasts.

Stoughton Utilities does not discourage homeowners from installing solar panels, and we will work with homeowners that might have questions about the process to add rooftop solar ...
Trim the Tree, and Your Energy Bills
As we enter the holiday season, Stoughton Utilities is reminding our customers about the benefits and advantages of energy efficient lighting options to help customers trim their holiday energy bill.

Stoughton Utilities customers can bring in four items as a donation to the Stoughton Food Pantry and receive a new string of LED holiday lights and an outdoor light timer or indoor remote controlled outlet!

LED holiday lights use up to 90 percent less energy, cost significantly less to operate, last longer than standard incandescent lights, and also reduce the risk of fire hazards since they do not have the same components that cause traditional lights to burn out or combust. When combined with a timer so you never forget to turn the lights off overnight, your savings increase even more.

This year, upgrade your lights and celebrate safely and economically!
2019 Customer Incentives End December 1
Get your $25 bill credits today!
Upgrade to a "Smart" Thermostat and start saving
Stoughton Utilities is offering our customers bill credit incentives when they purchase "Smart" thermostats and/or ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances!

Did you know that as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to interior space heating and cooling. Making smart decisions about your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can make a big impact on your utility bills and your comfort.

A smart thermostat saves up to $120 annually, and typically pays for itself in the first two years -- and we want to help you buy one! In 2019, if you purchase a new, currently-qualified Smart Thermostat, we'll give you a $25 bill credit incentive.
Upgrade your appliances with ENERGY STAR
The average household spends about $2,000 a year on energy costs. Appliances and electronics account for about 30 percent of that amount. ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50% less energy and water than standard models, without sacrificing any features or convenience! Look for the ENERGY STAR logo whenever purchasing new appliances or devices.

Stoughton Utilities has partnered with Wisconsin Focus on Energy, ENERGY STAR, and participating retailers to make these high-performing, high-quality products more affordable. That means you’ll save on your purchase, you’ll save year after year and you’ll help save the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2019, Stoughton Utilities customers can receive a $25 bill credit incentive upon the purchase of certain ENERGY STAR rate products. Incentives are available for ENERGY STAR dehumidifiers, clothes dryers, clothes washers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, and air purifiers.
Completed forms and sales receipts must be received prior to December 1, 2019. Limit one Smart Thermostat incentive and two ENERGY STAR Appliance incentives per customer, subject to available program funding.
Seasonal Energy Assistance Information
For some customers, including seniors on fixed incomes, energy expenses can be a financial burden. Many here in our community cannot afford the energy to meet their basic needs.

Wisconsin's Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) provides for assistance with heating costs, electric costs (regardless of heat source), and energy crisis situations. Energy assistance is a one-time benefit payment provided to income qualifying residents during the winter heating season (October 1 through May 15). The amount of the energy assistance benefit varies according to household size, income level, and household energy costs.

Stoughton Utilities customers living in Dane County can call (608) 267-8601 to schedule an appointment to apply for assistance. For additional information on how to apply for energy assistance, please call toll-free 1-866-HEATWIS (1-866-432-8947) ...