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Choose Renewable
Enroll through June 1 for a chance to win a Smart Thermostat!
Smart Thermostat Incentive
Receive a $25 bill credit when you upgrade your home to a "Smart" Thermostat!
ENERGY STAR Incentives
Receive a $25 bill credit when you upgrade to ENERGY STAR® appliances!
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Drinking Water Quality Report
Stoughton Utilities issues an annual report describing the quality of your drinking water. The purpose of this report is to raise your understanding of drinking water sources and its potential contaminates. This report provides an overview of last year’s drinking water quality, during which we conducted tests for hundreds of contaminants.

We are proud to report that Stoughton's drinking water meets or surpasses all federal and local standards set for quality and safety under the Safe Drinking Water Act ...
Choose Renewable and Win a Smart Thermostat!
Now through the end of May, sign up for our Choose Renewable program and be entered to win a new Nest Smart Thermostat!

Stoughton Utilities is committed to investing in clean renewable energy. As our customer, you can purchase renewable energy blocks to offset a part or all of your electrical usage through our Choose Renewable program. Renewable energy is generated from clean energy sources such as wind, biogas, and the sun, and can be purchased in 300 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks for just $3 a month! Not only will you be helping to support your community with clean energy, but now through the end of May, when you sign up for our Choose Renewable program, you will be entered to win a new Nest Smart Thermostat for your home! ...
Upgrade your appliances with ENERGY STAR
Get a $25 bill credit today!

The average household spends about $2,000 a year on energy costs. Appliances and electronics account for about 30 percent of that amount. ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50% less energy and water than standard models, without sacrificing any features or convenience! Look for the ENERGY STAR logo whenever purchasing new appliances or devices.

Stoughton Utilities has partnered with Wisconsin Focus on Energy, ENERGY STAR, and participating retailers to make these high-performing, high-quality products more affordable. That means you’ll save on your purchase, you’ll save year after year and you’ll help save the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2018, Stoughton Utilities customers can receive a $25 bill credit incentive upon the purchase of certain ENERGY STAR rate products. Incentives are available for ENERGY STAR dehumidifiers, clothes dryers, clothes washers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, and air purifiers ...