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Incentive Programs
Stoughton Utilities is proud to offer numerous incentive programs to our business customers. Some incentive programs require an application form to be completed by the customer prior to approval. When required, these forms can be downloaded by clicking the application icon below the program description.
Agriculture and Farm Incentives
A successful farm is an efficient one. Installing cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects improves rural Stoughton's bottom line, while also helping to protect the environment we rely on. Stoughton Utilities and Focus on Energy provides incentives for equipment upgrades that deliver real, measurable energy and financial savings for Stoughton's farms and agribusinesses.

Focus on your farm while we focus on your energy! Stoughton Utilities and Focus on Energy will continue to offer agricultural customers a bonus for installing more than one technology in a calendar year. Incentive bonuses range from $400-$600, and is capped at 50% of original incentive. This incentive is available to existing buildings only.

Visit Focus on Energy for more information.
CFL and LED Bulb Recycling
CFL and LED Bulb RecyclingCFL Recycling
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) help conserve natural resources like coal and gas by using far less electricity than common incandescent bulbs. CFLs last longer, too. Unfortunately, some good things do end and your CFL will eventually burn out.

All CFL bulbs, including ENERGY STAR® qualified bulbs, contain a small amount of mercury -- about 5 milligrams (mg) per bulb. That's less than the mercury in your average watch battery, and just enough to cover the tip of a ballpoint pen. CFLs are safe to use, as they do not emit mercury when they are intact, in use, properly stored, handled, and/or installed. Because CFLs do contain a small amount of mercury, the bulbs should be recycled properly and not thrown in the trash. By recycling the bulbs, you are helping prevent the release of mercury into the environment. Plus, almost all components of the bulbs can be reused.

LED Recycling
You don’t have to worry about mercury with LED bulbs, but they do contain nickel, some lead, and even trace amounts of arsenic. When used properly, these lights are risk-free, but they have significant health hazards if they're thrown out in the trash to be left in a landfill. LED bulbs should be properly disposed of similar to other e-waste.

More than 95 percent of an LED bulb is recyclable. You can recycle your LED bulbs at Dane County Clean Sweep, or use Earth911's free search tool to find other recycling solutions near you.
Commercial Business Incentives
What has your building done to grow your bottom line? Saving energy boosts profits. Now's the time to turn to Focus on Energy to make energy-efficiency improvements that can pay off big for your business.

Focus on Energy is your source for objective, third-party information and advice to help you make smart energy decisions that save money. Our expertise extends to a variety of commercial buildings, including:
  • Churches
  • Commercial offices & retail
  • Grocery & convenient stores
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hotel & lodging facilities
  • IT & data centers
  • Restaurant & foodservice
  • Sporting & ice arenas
Not only can we provide you with free resources, technical expertise, and financial incentives, but we can also help you:
  • Review retrofit, renovation, and new construction projects
  • Select ENERGY STAR® and other energy-saving equipment
  • Implement federal and state energy-efficiency programs
  • Research and explore new technologies
  • Learn about the benefits of renewable energy
  • Complete an assessment of your energy use and opportunities
Visit Focus on Energy for more information today.
Electric Vehicle Charger Incentive - Commercial
Stoughton Utilities is currently offering incentives for customers installing new UL or ETL certified Level 2 chargers for electric vehicles.

Business customers are eligible for a bill credit incentive up to $250 for a Level 2 charger.

To request your bill credit, please download and complete the application form. Return the completed form along with a copy of receipts for purchase and installation, or scan and send the form and receipts to us by email.
To qualify for the Stoughton Utilities rebate, installed charger must be UL or ETL certified. Offer available to Stoughton Utilities electric customers only. Incentives available for chargers installed in the previous 90 days only. Limit one per customer.
Get instant discounts of up to $4.00 on LEDs!

Lighting accounts for about 20% of annual household electricity bills, or approximately $200 per year. Every time someone flips a light switch to turn on a light, coal is being burned at a power plant to produce electricity, and as it is burned it releases carbon dioxide (CO2), mercury and other toxins. The higher the bulb wattage, the more electricity needed to make it burn bright, and of course the more electricity used means higher energy costs for you.

You can save money by switching to energy-efficient lighting. Generally, the most energy-efficient types of home lighting are LED bulbs, which provide high-quality light, use less energy, and last longer than standard bulbs. By using less energy, efficient lighting reduces pollution and is better for the environment.

Focus on Energy’s ENERGY STAR® Lighting Program can help you save money and lower energy consumption. Focus on Energy is partnering with retailers around Wisconsin to offer instant discounts or coupons on ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products at participating retailers for select lighting products, while supplies last.

In Stoughton, participating retailers include Asleson's True Value Hardware, Stoughton Lumber / Ace Hardware, and Walmart. Just look for the Focus on Energy Special Pricing sticker to save!
Industrial Business Incentives
Increased efficiency. Reduced energy use. Lower costs. All of these things affect your facility's processes and profits. Let Focus on Energy show you how energy innovation can go a long way for your business. The Focus on Energy Large Energy Users Program provides customized energy management services and project incentives for customers with monthly energy bills (combined natural gas and electric) over $60,000. This program will help large energy users invest in cost-saving energy efficiency projects and processes that they normally could not complete on their own.

Stoughton Utilities and Focus on Energy are your sources for making smart energy decisions that can save your business money. Not only can we provide you with free resources, technical expertise, and financial incentives, but we can also help you:
  • Develop an energy management plan
  • Reduce overall or per-unit energy costs
  • Gain technical support and training on energy best practices
  • Research and explore new technologies
  • Learn about the benefits of renewable energy
  • Complete an assessment of your energy use and opportunities
Visit Focus on Energy for more information today.
Multifamily Energy Savings Program
Multifamily Energy Savings ProgramMake your multifamily building more efficient for less with free measures and financial incentives.

Do you own or manage a multifamily building? Focus on Energy offers a variety of services to multifamily building owners, managers and developers to show how they can lower operating costs, achieve a better bottom line and improve the living spaces for tenants. The Multifamily Energy Savings Program specializes in energy efficiency projects for new and existing multifamily residential properties with four or more units and offers free installation of energy saving devices like LEDs, low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators in residential units.

Focus on Energy offers a variety of services to apartment & condo owners, including:
  • Energy evaluations, at no cost, that examine overall building performance, including heating and cooling systems and other measures.
  • Incentives for the purchase and installation of equipment at existing buildings, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, lighting and specialty measures.
  • Incentives for the purchase and installation of equipment at new construction projects, including HVAC equipment and common area lighting.
  • Additional incentives are available for custom projects specific to the existing or new building’s needs.
Visit Focus on Energy for more information.
New Construction Design Assistance
New Construction Design AssistanceHigh-performance buildings are good for people, good for the environment, and good for the bottom line. That's why Focus on Energy is here to help building owners, developers, and design teams make informed choices that will better manage operating costs, propose property and equipment options, and improve tenant comfort and satisfaction with their Design Assistance Program.

The Design Assistance Program provides design professionals, builders, developers and building owners with energy-saving options for the design of new buildings. In addition, the program offers incentives to design teams and to building owners, which can be used to reduce the upfront cost of high efficiency measures that exceed Wisconsin energy code requirements.

This program works with new construction and major renovation projects for buildings over 5,000 square feet. Focus on Energy is your source for objective, third-party information and advice to help you make smart energy decisions that save money.

Not only can we provide you with free resources, technical expertise, and financial incentives, but we can also help you:
  • Coordinate throughout the design process
  • Review plans to identify energy-saving opportunities
  • Analyze energy savings
  • Recommend if a System or Whole Building Track is right for you and inform you about incentives
Visit Focus on Energy for more information today.
Renewable Energy Incentives - Business
Renewable Energy Incentives - BusinessAs energy costs rise and environmental concerns grow, more and more Wisconsin businesses are becoming interested in renewable energy. Cleaner energy sources, such as energy harnessed from the ground (geothermal) or from the sun (solar), save energy and money while reducing pollution to help protect the environment.

If you’ve already put in the work to make your business as energy efficient as possible, now is the perfect time to take an even more rewarding step. Follow the Renewable Energy path and receive Focus on Energy cash incentives for qualified solar electric and geothermal installations.

Focus on Energy Cash-Back Rewards are available to Stoughton Utilities commercial customers who install new renewable energy systems to their existing facilities. Funding for renewable projects is fixed each year and availability is on a first-come first-served basis. Applicants must reserve funding by submitting a Reservation Application.

Learn more about Focus on Energy's Renewable Energy Incentive Program, including eligible equipment, steps to apply for cash-back rebates, eligibility requirements, and more.

Focus on Energy also issues RFPs for business renewable energy projects. The Renewable Energy Competitive Incentive Program (RECIP) provides incentives for cost-effective renewable energy systems installed at eligible Wisconsin businesses through a competitive request for proposals (RFP) process. Several funding cycles occur each program year, and RECIP incentives are often higher than the standard Renewable Energy Incentive. Learn more about Focus on Energy's Renewable Energy Incentive Program, including funding availability and award history, scheduled project submittal deadlines, and more.

Other incentives may be available. Please contact us in the early stages of your renewable energy project and Stoughton Utilities staff will help you find all available incentives, as well as assist with planning and design, incentive submission, and SU rate information.
Retrocommissioning Program
Do your building systems need a tune-up? Stoughton Utilities has partnered with Focus on Energy to offer the Focus on Energy Retrocommissioning (RCx) Program to local business customers. Focus on Energy works with owners and managers of existing buildings to optimize performance and ensure they are operating efficiently. By targeting building systems, energy-using equipment, and operating schedules, the Focus on Energy Retrocommissioning Program provides a more holistic approach to energy efficiency than traditional efficiency programs, better optimizing how these elements perform together.

If you are the owner or manager of a commercial, industrial, school, government, or industrial facility, Focus on Energy connects you with energy efficiency experts to make sure your facilities -- and the equipment and systems within them -- are running in peak condition for optimal energy savings. The benefits? You can save up to 15 percent each year on annual energy bills and manage energy use more effectively, while providing better comfort for staff, customers, and visitors.

Click here to learn more about Focus on Energy’s Retrocommissioning (RCx) Program, including steps to apply, eligibility requirements, and more.
Small Business Program
Small Business ProgramSavvy small business owners keep an eye on the bottom line, knowing that to reduce monthly operating costs increases the profit margin. That's why Stoughton Utilities partnered with Focus on Energy to bring you the Focus on Energy Small Business Program, which helps business customers protect that bottom line by taking advantage of our easy and affordable installation of money-saving energy efficiency upgrades.

Eligible small business owners who participate in the program will receive a free, onsite energy assessment identifying opportunities for reducing energy use and recommendations for improving energy efficiency. During the 30 to 45 minute assessment, the Focus on Energy Advisor or Trade Ally will walk through the facility and visually inspect sources for wasted energy, such as inefficient lighting and unwrapped hot water pipes. The assessment also will check for opportunities to improve heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

For more information, including eligibility requirements, available energy savings measures, packages, and application instructions, please visit the Focus on Energy Small Business Program page.