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Recent Power Outage
On July 20, 2018, we experienced a significant power outage that affected approximately 700 customers on Stoughton's north side of the city.

The initial outage began at 6:30 a.m. and was caused when a protection device on a utility pole caught fire, causing the pole to start on fire and eventually snap approximately 25 feet above the ground. The Stoughton Fire Department responded to the fire, and three Stoughton Utilities crews responded to the resulting outage.

Stoughton Utilities crews remained onsite throughout the day, including through a heavy rainstorm, and restored power to approximately 660 of the affected homes at 4:15 p.m.

Following the primary outage, a smaller secondary outage occurred due to an underground cable fault, resulting in an underground fuse tripping. This underground fault was caused by the initial pole failure and ensuing surge, however went undetected until the underground circuit was reenergized. Field crews were able to isolate the underground fault and replaced the fuse at 5:10 pm, which restored power to all but 13 homes.

The underground cable fault was repaired at 5:58 p.m., and all Stoughton Utilities customers were with power at that time.

Stoughton Utilities would like to thank all affected customers for their understanding and patience during this outage.

For information on outage safety and tips to prepare your household, please visit our Storm & Outage pages.