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Door-to-Door Solar Solicitations
Renewable Energy We have been notified by customers that a company selling solar power equipment has been soliciting door-to-door, and these customers have questioned if the company was working for or partnered with Stoughton Utilities.

Stoughton Utilities does not endorse any company that would solicit paid services either door-to-door or by mail. No such company is partnered or affiliated with Stoughton Utilities or the City of Stoughton. All door-to-door solicitors must receive a permit from the City of Stoughton, and residents are encouraged to request to have the solicitor provide a copy of their permit before considering any sales presentation.

Customers have contacted us with questions about details of Stoughton Utilities rates. Stoughton Utilities’ electric rates have increased a total of 2.31% between January 2011 and June 2020, or an average of 0.24% per year.

Stoughton Utilities does not discourage homeowners from installing solar panels, and we will work with homeowners that might have questions about the process to add rooftop solar. As a publicly-owned, not-for-profit utility, we will be glad to provide you with an accurate analysis of steps to take to price and install a rooftop solar array, and review your historical consumption to help assist in properly sizing your system.

If you are considering installing a rooftop solar system, please contact us to review and verify any information that you may have been provided. A rooftop solar array is a major investment, and one that should be carefully reviewed and considered before committing to a sales contract.

Stoughton Utilities has staff that are glad to assist you as you research rooftop solar options. For more information or to discuss solar options for your home, please contact us.